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Dear Spring Sport Athletes and Families,

Yesterday we received the 2021 Spring Sports Plan from the CIAC. On this beautiful, almost spring day, I am pleased to share with you that we are planning for a nearly normal spring sports season.

Here is some important general information about the spring season:

·         First Day of Spring Sports Practice is March 27.

·         First day of competition will be April 10.

·         Athletes will not be asked to wear masks when actively competing except in Volleyball.

·         All athletes will wear masks when not in active play or practice and at all times when traveling to away games or matches.

·         When traveling to away games/meets we will be following all COVID safety protocols that have been implemented by the bus company. These include seating restrictions and regulations regarding food and drink on the bus. Athletes should bring enough water for entire game or practice.

·         Athletes should bring their own food and drink when traveling to an away game/meet.

·         Every athlete will be asked to fill out a self-health assessment every day before coming to practice. This will be done via the SportsYou platform.

·         The 14 day quarantine for athletics is still in effect.

·         Any athlete who has had COVID this school year will need a clearance from their doctor to participate in a spring sport.

·         Parents will be allowed to attend home games and matches at all levels. We will have to wait and see what other schools decide to do as far as spectators are concerned.

·         We are working on home game guidelines for spectators including students. Details to follow.

·         We will not be using locker rooms.

·         There will be an FCIAC Championship and a CIAC Championship in all sports.

Our primary goal for the spring season is keeping our athletes healthy so they can have the opportunity to play every game/meet on our schedule.  We will ask our coaches and athletes to continue to be vigilant with respect to following all COVID precautions including wearing a mask when necessary and maintaining appropriate social distance. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.  


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