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Frequently Asked Questions

Many parents and students have questions about NCHS Athletics. We will do our best to answer your questions here. If you're question is not answered, please email the athletic office at

Can anyone tryout for the athletic teams at NCHS? How do I sign up? When do I sign up?

Any NCHS student in good academic standing is welcome to tryout for any team at NCHS. Simply go to Register for the teams that you are interested in trying out for.  We encourage everyone to register as early as possible to ensure that you receive all communications regarding that sport. Registration for all 2016-2017 seasons is currently open.

How does the tryout process work?

The tryout process varies by team and by coach. Our goal as an organization is provide opportunity for as many students as possible to participate in athletics. Some sports inherently require a finite number of participants due to facility limitations or requirements of the game. Details about the process will be provided to your student on the first day of tryouts/practice. Or, feel free to contact your coach with specific questions. 

How do I get information about my student's sport?

League Athletics, the NCHS registration system, provides each team with a home page where key information is provided by the Captains Parents. You will find email addresses and rosters at that site.

How does transportation work for games or meets?

New Canaan High School requires all athletes to travel with their teams to and from all competitions via a designated bus. Under certain circumstances a parent may need to transport their own child home and may request a waiver allowing for alternate transportation HOME from an event. In order to request a dismissal waiver, the Travel Release Request Form MUST be completed by the parent and turned in to the appropriate coach PRIOR to leaving school for any game or meet. 

How will my child know where to go on the first day of Tryouts or Practice?

The start of the season can be a stressful time for our student athletes. Please check the teams home page to see if practice/tryout information is posted there. If not, please contact the athletic office with any questions you may have.

What's the Booster Club and do I need to join to have my child participate at NCHS?

The Booster Club is a critical arm of the NCHS Athletic program. It funds over 30 assistant coaches on almost every team at NCHS. It maintains and upgrades the Peter Deane Fitness Center and invests in many programs and enhancements that enrich the experience of all NCHS students. We encourage you to support this vital organization, but joining is NOT required to participate. If you would like to join, please do so here.

I have more quesitons. Who do I contact?

You should always feel free to contact the NCHS Athletic Office. You can email ( or call 203.594.4639. The office will be your best source of information. You can also email your coach if necessary or your Captains Parent. Captains Parent information can be found on your roster on your team home page 

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