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Stellar athletes are recognized each week for each season by their coach due to their performance and outstanding contributions to their teams.

   Week 1     
Griffin Bramwit    Boys Basketball
Amanda Benson    Girls Hockey

Week 2
Gilbert Clay    Wrestling
Natalie Plosker    Girls Basketball

Week 3

Gavin Fitzpatrick    Boys Hockey

Maddie Tully    Girls Hockey

Week 4

Ray DeCamillo   Wrestling

Tia Kivikko   Girls Basketball

Week 5

Aidan Mclaughlin   Boys Basketball

Georgia Saxe   Girls Hockey

Week 6

Jack Hladick   Boys Basketball

Alexsandra Duane   Girls Hockey

Week 7

Spencer James Myles Fuller Wright   Boys Basketball

Fiona Mueller   Girls Basketball

Week 8

Bryce Lydon   Boys Hockey

Ashton Pinkernell   Girls Hockey

Week 9

Teddy Goetz   Wrestling

Shawna Ferraro   Girls Track

Week 10

Eric Huang   Boys Swimming

Piper Chaisson   Girls Hockey

Week 11

Mason Pickering   Boys Hockey

Charlotte Moor   Girls Track


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