Hall of Fame Bylaws

Hall of Fame Bylaws

I. Purpose

In order to preserve our athletic history, the New Canaan High School Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1996. The Athletic Hall of Fame is organized for the purpose of recognizing the rich tradition of athletic success at New Canaan High School (“NCHS”). It serves as a means of honoring and recognizing the athletes, coaches, administrators, and supporters who made significant contributions to the Rams’ tradition of excellence. The Athletic Hall of Fame honors the contributions and accomplishments of these individuals who are worthy of recognition as examples for others to emulate. Induction ceremonies are held bi-annually.

II. Selection Committee

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall include the following members and shall consist of no more than nine (9) members.

Permanent Members:

Standing Members:


At-large Members:

Committee Guidelines:

III. Nomination

IV. Eligibility/Criteria

Athletes, coaches, administrators, and supporters, living or deceased, shall be eligible for induction subject to the criteria below. All nominees must represent the New Canaan High School tradition of excellence and the values of NCHS Athletics.




New Canaan High School reserves the right to remove any individual from the Hall of Fame for personal conduct, which reflects discredit upon the school.

V. Voting Procedures

VII. Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

VIII. Bylaws

Adopted April 7, 2022